A good night’s sleep

A good night's sleep | Devon Duvets | Robert Zarywacz | robzlog.co.uk

Sleep is vital. It settles us. It heals us. It recharges us.

I have been very fortunate to have slept through most of the troubles of the past four years. I slept through the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, personal and family health problems (including my own) and all the associated worries.

I believe good(ish) diet, walking for exercise, minimising time spent online, real activities, and, led by the FFFC, quiet appreciation of life have all contributed to this. With the same worries as everyone else these days, good sleep is important in helping us manage them.

Recognising the importance of good quality sleep and the role that living environment plays in this, I started researching duvets. These days, I determine the specifications of a product that I want, then look at how to acquire it, starting with local retailers, then casting my net wider. With sustainability, local manufacture and long life in mind, this process led me to Devon Duvets‘ (devonduvets.com) range of wool duvets.

Wool is a valuable although underused resource that used to play a massive economic role in Devon. While we associate it mainly with clothing and textiles, it has considerable potential for construction, agricultural, packaging and other applications.

Deciding to purchase a Devon Duvets wool duvet, I can confirm it meets all my requirements as well as being very comfortable and cosy: not just made in Britain, but made in Devon; sustainable and natural; long-lasting with a 5-year guarantee; and warm. It also regulates heat naturally.

It’s heartening to see so many local businesses manufacturing not only high quality but sustainable and long-lasting products.

And it is certainly helping me to sleep easy.

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