It’s really important.

Today, I was sad to start taking down the Christmas decorations, but I had time not to rush it.

This year is different to the past seven or so years when we have barely celebrated Christmas because we couldn’t bear the thought of it. I used to love Christmas, but things change and sometimes happy memories of what’s gone are too much to bear. That changed this Christmas and I actually bought a new Christmas tree and put up more lights.

It wasn’t the same as what’s passed, but it was good in a different way. Once, during a hospital vigil, a clinical psychologist told me that we have to create new traditions. To do that we need the right attitude and it can take time to find that.

We need the right attitude for everything: getting out of bed in the morning, learning new skills, eating properly, exercising, making things happen and enjoying this wonderful life.

I imagine that for a lot of people preparing to return to business or work or no business or work tomorrow, it might seen impossible to find that attitude.

While the tradition is to put away Christmas decorations before Twelfth Night, there’s no reason why Christmas cheer and goodwill need to be limited to one season and not persist. We need them, along with support, encouragement and kindness, all year round.

May your first Monday of 2021 be bright and filled with the attitude you seek to make what you want happen.

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