Thawing on Blue Monday

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A human response to threats. At one time, I had nightmares where I tried to escape from a threat but was literally glued to the spot – at which point I would wake up startled.

I also went through a time of grief when I found it tough to do the simplest things: getting up in the morning was one of the worst.

At the moment, I’m very motivated and productive, for which I am grateful. I don’t pay much attention to the idea of Blue Monday – apparently the most depressing day of the year – because in January I see the days lengthening and growing brighter, but I do realise that many people have good reason not to feel so cheerful.

It made me think of things to celebrate:

  • Mrs Z and the Four-Footed Financial Controller
  • A roof over my head
  • A warm bed
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Heating
  • Lights
  • A warm cup of tea
  • Cold and hot running water
  • Clean, dry clothes
  • A brisk walk with the FFFC
  • The morning sunshine
  • Porridge for breakfast
  • DIY projects in progress
  • Work projects in progress
  • And rhubarb waking up in the garden

Not everyone will be able to celebrate all of these and some will have the burden of worry about business, employment, money, health, family and other major concerns.

Worry can be so great that it glues us to the spot, making it feel impossible to do anything. Yet most of what I’ve worried about never happened or was not as bad as I had feared. Various research suggests 80-90% of our worries never materialise, but what help is that when we are paralysed by worry?

The answer I have found is to do something: anything. Freezing – not doing anything – keeps us in a desperate state, but doing something moves us forward. It doesn’t necessarily solve everything, but it can help us face up to what we don’t want to face. I found ‘doing something’ – things unconnected to my worries – sorted everything for me. Sometimes it can make fast improvements, sometimes they are slower, but it is remarkable how soon we can change things.

So if it is a Blue Monday for you, I hope there are things, as in my list, that you can feel grateful for to cheer you up and that you are able to do something – anything – to make your Monday less blue and the days ahead brighter.

And, if they can do anything to thaw the freeze generated by worry, warmest wishes to you!

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  1. Happy New Year Rob, Another great article. Strangely I had also written a piece on similar lines today for a local magazine.


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