Candyfloss and Pickles novel

A novel I started publishing online in daily instalments at and on twitter @robznov.

I added a line every day here and on twitter, and the intention was to publish the entire novel when completed.

The initial idea came to me one day in a flash and I started working out the storyline and characters immediately. Writing a novel requires patience, commitment, self-discipline and persistence and twitter offers a framework for writing and publishing with which I am experimenting. I get quite busy with my business writing and acting in my spare time, so finding time to write is always difficult.

Does this approach work? Well, sometimes. I have kept it going for a while, but illness intervened. One thing I have found is that the ‘instant writing’ approach sometimes making planning the storylines difficult as I have to commit myself once I’ve taken a certain path. There’s no room for revision.

But the subject matter also gave me a problem. It reflected life in the type of small seaside town where I live. When I got involved in activities in the town, I found reality stranger than fiction. I’m going to have to wait a while before continuing so I can separate the two.

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