Chapter Six

Candyfloss and Pickles – Chapter Six: Variations on a Theme

Even in daylight the town seemed heavy in shadow and, though short, the day dragged.

As the time approached for the day shift to clock off, Chester Chumpley sat back in his worn leather chair to review his day: not a lot achieved. He wondered why he had been so concerned about Vaughan’s problems. While he liked to see his workforce happy, he’d never been one to get too closely involved with staff; he was, after all, the boss.

As the horrible clocking-in-and-out buzzer sounded, Chester listened for the scuffling out in the corridor as workers left the factory floor to clock off, grab their coats and hurry away to homes, families and meetings with mates. He would stay awhile, as no family awaited his return or mates his arrival in a friendly local for a drink. Eventually he would stop, lock up his office and make his way back to the house he had always lived in to eat the evening meal prepared for him by Miss Cole, his housekeeper.

His thoughts returned to Vaughan. The sudden change from motivated young man ADDED 06DEC2010 with focus fixed on completing the challenge of a sensitive project . . .

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