Thank you for clicking the link from my @robznov profile on twitter and welcome to Candyfloss and Pickles, the novel I started publishing in daily instalments here and on Twitter. For several years I added a line a day, not planning the story or structure so I didn’t know where it was heading. (Usually I do a lot of planning before I write anything so big.)

After a while, I got to a point where fiction was clashing with reality. The novel is about an English seaside town; ordinary people; the state of England; the difficulty of being true to oneself – all mixed up in what I hoped would be an interesting, thought-provoking and funny novel.

I live in an English seaside town and was drawn into volunteering with the community. The reality became more bizarre than the story I was writing and would make a good novel. My challenge now is how to keep the two separate, so I have stalled for a while.

It’s an experiment as much as anything else, but I do hope you find it entertaining so far. Let me know if you think I should continue.

Best wishes


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