50 years of a most unwelcome partnership

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In 2022, I am celebrating 50 years of a most unwelcome partnership. It was that long ago that I was struck down by Crohn’s disease: great pain, long school absences – two whole half-terms – hospital stays, physical examinations, blood tests, x-rays, barium meals, a blood transfusion, powerful steroids and, a year later, major surgery. … Read more

Ouch! That hurts. But not as much as it used to . . .

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It’s said that time heals or that painful memories grow less painful. 46 years ago, doctors were scratching their heads for five weeks as I was jabbed, x-rayed and subjected to all manner of medical tests, because they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. (Some of those close to me say they still … Read more

Finding life in facing death

It’s the time of year when plants are dying or bedding down for the winter. It’s all part of the cycle of death and life, and it touches us all. It makes me think of when I was first confronted with thinking about death. When I was 13, Crohn’s disease, with which I had been … Read more

My life’s essentials 10: breakfast

I’ve noticed that food figures a lot in my life’s essentials. It is, after all, essential to life for us and I think it figures so highly because I’ve had to look at my diet closely because of my Crohn’s disease and also to prevent middle-age spread. My aim is to achieve a balance of eating healthily while … Read more