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Cool blue sea and sky | @robertz

I am working with a business colleague to launch a new business exhibition in the area. It’s quite exhausting, but also frightening to get this off the ground. A lot of preparation has gone into it and we are just starting to promote it. We’re at the stage when you do things and get no … Read more

Camille and Kennerly and their dual harp revolution

Robert Zarywacz @robertz

YouTube is a good place to discover new artists and among my favourites are Camille and Kennerly, the Harp Twins, who are driving their dual harp revolution. Camille and Kennerly’s videos showcase their performances of a broad range of music interpreted by them on acoustic and electric harps. These vary from classic tunes to TV … Read more

The Residents: Animal Lover

I first heard The Residents’ version of Satisfaction while at school and was immediately intrigued. I remember heading down to Flyover Records in Hammersmith and greedily buying several albums, not knowing what to make of them and getting hooked on Not Available. I followed them for 15 years or so, still not knowing what to … Read more

Stacey Kent at the Plough Torrington Saturday 10 October 2009

From the very first note she sang it was clear that those of us lucky enough to be in the audience at the Plough Arts Centre, Torrington last night were about to experience two hours of the most sublime singing from Stacey Kent along with husband, composer, producer and saxophonist Jim Tomlinson and backed by … Read more

Buy Three Bonzos and get one Free

As the most influential British purveyors of combined musicianship and humour in the past 50 years, I was somewhat hesitant when I booked to see Three Bonzos and a Piano at the Landmark Theatre on 25th June. Would they still have that magical spark of genius or would it be better to rely on listening to their recorded glory?