Runt of the litter

This sunflower was the smallest when planted . . . . . . now it is almost 7ft tall and just forming a flower. See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from robertz

Sunflowers vs tomatoes @twunflowercomp

I’m not sure anyone can beat @llamakevin ‘s magnificent field of sunflowers. Our tallest one continues to grow, but no sign of a flower yet . . . However, the tomatoes are really coming on: lots of flowers and fruit forming. We could be tomato-ed out in a few weeks. Posted via email from robertz

#Sunflowers are racing to compete in the @twunflowercomp

Three days away and the sunflowers have shot up . . . They obviously enjoy the combination of warmth, light and rain . . . . . . although I’d like to know who is munching away at the leaves. Who else is growing sunflowers? Have you entered the sunny sunflower @twunflowercomp on twitter? It’s … Read more