Rainbow Corner Café, Ilfracombe

We’d been meaning to pop in and see what the Rainbow Corner Café was like for some time as it’s changed hands several times in the past few years, so yesterday we made it and it was wonderful.

I had a belly buster – two eggs, jumbo sausage, bacon and beans plus toast and tea. Sometimes food just doesn’t get any better.

The menu ranges from fish and chips to breakfasts, cottage pie and chilli with rice (I think), so there’s quite a range.

We don’t have a fry-up often, but Rainbow Corner Café comes recommended by me for the food, bright and clean decor, and friendly service. It’s on the corner of the High Street and Northfield Road, opposite the Ilfracombe Centre.

Ilfracombe is so lucky to have such a wide range of restaurants and cafés offering pretty much anything you could want.

We’ll certainly be going again, although maybe for a cup of tea rather than a belly buster – got to think of my waistline.

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Corner Café, Ilfracombe”

  1. Hi Rob, never been to Rainbow Cafe myself, but will try next time I’m in Ilfracombe. My personal favourite is Wild Thyme Cafe in Braunton. Also like the Red Barn Woolacombe for a cooked breakfast…Nice blog

  2. I agree – Ilfracombe is a foodies delight – we went to the Manor House Cafe on the High Street – definatly a locals haunt who were very friendly to us grockles too! Their homecooking was delicious.
    Great meal in Basils on Fore Street too.
    Stayed at the Rosedale B&B – sooo comfortable!

  3. Hi there.
    We visited ilfracombe last May and found it lovely (especially the icecream from a shop down in the harbour – sooo many flavours we had to try two!) We also ate at Manor House Cafe. It had been recommended to us from some friends. Whereas it’s at the top of the high street – well worth the walk up the hill and past all the other tempting places. Their all day breakfast was AMAZING – all the meat is locally sourced and the sausages where to die for. The couple that run it were from Yorkshire orginally I think, but were great embassadors for Ilfracombe as they also gave us some great tourist advice too.
    Unfortunately we went there on our second last day so we didn’t get a chance to try their home made devon cream teas (the scones where huge!!) but we are hoping to be back this spring for a few days and it’s top of our list to try them this time round.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. Ilfracombe is fantastic right now – lovely weather. The Manor House Café will be very pleased you enjoyed their food. I’ll let them know. Hope you can make it back here soon!

  5. Glad you found us Heather and enjoyed your breakfast – we do pride ourselves on our local foods and Mick does enjoy making the scones. Nearly right about Yorkshire but only one of us is from there – I am a Womble!!


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