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How Empire Avenue opened up Google+ for me #EmpireAve

2014-07-26-empire-avenueI joined Empire Avenue three years ago and, apart from Scrabble, don’t play any other online games – I don’t have the time.

After initially enjoying the fun of raising my virtual share price and dividend paid to shareholders, I realised that I was connecting with some interesting people. Empire Avenue enables you to add your various social media accounts so that people can connect with you directly from your EA profile.

At the time I had a Google+ account, but didn’t really know what to do there. Being busy, I didn’t have the time to experiment much.

Connect, connect, connect

What I noticed was that, through Empire Avenue, my Google+ follower count was growing. I too made a conscious effort to connect with players from their EA profiles, specifically following their Google+ accounts.

I know numbers don’t mean everything, but now I have some 6,800 followers and more than 300,000 views on my Google+ profile without trying that hard. Likewise, my other social media accounts are also attracting more connections, specifically Twitter and LinkedIn.

Making social media easy to use

What’s more, I am using Google+ daily and enjoying it, which I’m not sure I would have persevered with if it hadn’t been for my EA connections.

EA is an excellent way to connect with people wanting to connect with you on the major social media channels. You can join for free, open a monthly personal or business account and/or buy the EAv Leaders Package at empireavenue.com

You can connect with me on EA at empireavenue.com/robertz

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Can this help you to persist?

It’s the time when many of us make New Year resolutions. And shortly most of these will have been broken and forgotten. I know I’ve looked back and wondered how I came to forget my resolutions. That’s why I don’t make any these days.

I do have aims and ambitions, but these are part of a bigger plan I have: my life. They are no easier to achieve though and need effort, determination and persistence to continue through to completion.

I believe many people find it easier to make the effort and find the determination, but persistence often seems to be the elusive quality. When we start working towards a goal, it can be a while before we see any sign of change and it’s tempting to give up. If we persist, eventually we are likely to see those signs, which are an important encouragement. Often things start to snowball as they build momentum and we roll on to success. I don’t think this happens without persistence.

That’s why I started the Persistence community on Google+: to help me persist in achieving my goals and, I hope, to help you too. You are welcome to join and use the community to support your own activities and to support those of members.

Goals can be personal, business or anything that you want to share publicly. It can be good to state an aim publicly as it can help to motivate us. If you have a more personal goal that you don’t want to shout about, I hope you will find members you can trust who will give you more discreet support.

So if you want to join a community providing support, I look forward to welcoming you to the Persistence community.

Whatever you want to achieve in 2013, please persist!

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