10 years of blogging, so what now?

I was astounded to see that I started this blog 10 years ago with the entry:

Drama coming . . .

. . . soon.

This was a reference to my heavy involvement in amateur dramatics at the time and my role in publicising six or seven productions every year.

Since then, I have blogged about theatre, Ilfracombe in North Devon, England (where I live), food, wildlife and various musings on life.

The most popular post has been this one about the elephant hawk moth in our garden 10 years ago – I still get questions about it.

It’s been an up-and-down blog, as over 10 years much has happened and my life has changed a lot. Illness and family losses have cast a shadow and for the past four or so years I have written little.

But here I am again.

This is my personal blog – I have also written business blogs at z2z.com and a new one at unfashionable.uk – and I am looking to write more about life in general, food, nature, books and music, and history, as I am studying part-time for my History MA.

If you are here and reading my posts, what do you enjoy reading and find valuable? And what would you like me to write about?

Let me know in the comments or ask me anything else about what I write?

11 thoughts on “10 years of blogging, so what now?”

  1. I enjoy getting to know the people behind the blog and there hopes and dreams and there families.

  2. Happy 10th Blogversary! I’m still in the infancy of my blog, it will be 4 years old on Christmas day! Was it a challenge to start up your personal blog and what is your favorite category to write about?

    • Thanks, Martha. It was still a relatively new thing in those days. I’m quite a private person, but I was experimenting with social media then and connecting with wonderful people. At the time, I was heavily into performing and theatre as well as gardening. Demands on my time increased from other areas and now I do very little theatre and am getting back into gardening. I want to write more about books, music and history plus I have a long-term art project I hope will be completed in the next few months.

  3. Congrats on lasting the test of time! 10 years is a great achievement! I just checked the date of my firts official blog post on WordPress – May 25, 2009!

    I remember before that, however, documenting a surgery I had back in 1999 – I coded those in html each day!

    Once again, congrats!

  4. Congratulations! That takes will power to last that long. If I may know, what benefits or blessings did you get from your 10 years of blogging? How did you manage to write and post regularly during all those years? Thank you, Rob!

    • Thank you, Maria. It’s a personal blog and the benefits have been comments from other people and getting to know people with similar interests. I have had ups and downs, like everyone else, and when my Mum was ill and died I rarely posted. In fact, I wondered whether it was worth continuing. The Ultimate Blog Challenge has reminded me that interaction and comments are what make it worthwhile.


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