Weekend filth

Weekend filth | robertz @ robzlog.co.uk

No, I haven’t been watching the LinkedIn feed or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I’ve been cleaning out our shed gutter, emptying our fifth water butt and cleaning it out: old-fashioned husbandry which everyone used to complete to maintain their homes and gardens. I do find it quite refreshing. The sludge in the gutter and butt … Read more

Well-fed worms

Leaves | @robertz @ robzlog

There are leaves everywhere. Nuisance or resource? This morning we swept them up from paths, steps and all over the garden. The rain makes them slippery underfoot so they have to be removed, but I would remove them anyway. We pile them on our raised beds and vegetable borders where worms and woodlice chomp away … Read more

Bringing earth back to life

Vegetable plot created from paved over ground

When we moved into our current home, large areas of garden were buried under plant-suppressing plastic sheeting, paving or concrete – they were dead. The previous owner said it wouldn’t support a lawn or plants. We immediately ripped up the plastic and pulled up the paving. We sifted the dead soil in the front garden … Read more

My life’s essentials 13: my lawn rake

My trusty lawn rake must be 29 years old. My Dad gave it to me, I think, as a birthday present the year Mrs Z and I moved into our first house, which had a garden some 50 feet long by 11 feet wide. To me, this was paradise. The house I was born in … Read more

Welcome Autumn

Spring is always full of promise as plants shoot and flowers come into bud. Then plants bloom and mature before dying away again. Summer has passed, the clocks go back and the days shorten. I’m always sorry to see spring and summer pass, but then reminded that autumn is just as wonderful. The views on the clear … Read more

Stop and see new life

I’ve got so much to do over the next few days that I don’t have much time, but before rushing to my office this morning I remembered the seeds I had planted. I had to take a look. Sure enough, the runner bean and tomato seedlings are sprouting. What a wonderful feeling. What makes it … Read more