Arthur: performance artist extraordinaire

How much we forget.

I rediscovered Arthur in my brother’s garage. He hasn’t been seen for 35 years ago, when he used to make appearances at traffic lights around Hounslow.

A friend and I produced Arthur from a fridge/freezer box. Presumably he had a hole in the side leading us to cut another to make eyes, then decorated him with coloured labels to create his face, evil eyebrows, gapped teeth and bright green tie.

We used to walk around wearing him and placed him at strategic points to grin at motorists. No doubt, we thought it hilarious. I do sometimes wonder what was in the water we drank or what additives were in the food we ate at that time.

It also makes me wonder why I didn’t develop performance art further. Mind you, I did recently climb into a very large printer box. Perhaps the two events link my two selves separated by 35 years. Who knows?

Arthur lived behind my wardrobe for 12 years, then I moved out. Since then he has lived among other boxes.

What should his next career move be?


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