Discharged from Hobly City

Last night I confess I watched television: I just wanted to be entertained without effort. After discovering there was nothing much on that appealed to me (I’m so picky), I settled on Hobly City (my spelling). Now, I’ve never managed to watch an entire episode of Hobly or Causality without having to turn off or over before my will to live ebbed entirely.

Last night was no exception. After seeing a patient with a tumour whisked into surgery without any reference to administrators, waiting lists or staff availability and laughing incredulously after a patient recovering from surgery asked when he was going into theatre – no pain, no discomfort, no memory of the checks they should make before jabbing you with a knife – I turned off and set to writing the next section of my novel.

So I made profitable use of my evening after discharging myself from Hobly. I won’t be going back.

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