eXcentriX provides a business outlet for laughter


I’m taking part in the July 2018 Ultimate Blog Challenge and on day 2 I read a blog by Fran Asaro on the topic of Bringing Crazy Back –  7 Ways to Lighten up You and Your Business, which really struck a chord with me.

Much of my career has been spent on serious work where there has not always been an opportunity for humour, but I can see the funny side of most things. There have been so many dry business events, public officials who could be parodies of themselves, pompous business leaders and disastrous presenters (as well as lots of delightful people too). I remember one representative of a business group picking up a fried egg breakfast bap, turning it to the ground and squeezing it as he took a great bite forcing the runny yolk down his tie and on to the carpet. Priceless!

Anyway, as part of my focus on lightening up and laughing more, my brother and I have started producing comedy T-shirts featuring gags we think up. It’s a great safety valve and also an enjoyable creative outlet.

One of our first designs is the PIN number T-shirt – a shirt with a PIN number printed on it. Good idea or what? OK, maybe not such a good idea. We have other ideas.

You can see our first designs at excentrix.uk – it may not make us a fortune, but it makes us smile and we hope others will too.

10 thoughts on “eXcentriX provides a business outlet for laughter”

  1. I’m a big fan of laughing and agree we need more of it in Business! I think that is where Facebook Live is changing things – people get to be Real, and hopefully funny! Cute T-shirt idea and it did make me smile.

  2. I loved the shirt and thought of my husband as soon as I saw it and thought perfect Christmas Gift. As for laughter in business I agree we need it more and I always find myself laughing at the things I do as I can do some of the crazyiest things and it leads me to new adventures in work.

  3. I LOVE them!! They say laughter is the best medicine and when you turned you “LOSE” upside down, I laughed so hard! Love the others also. We live in a tourist town and hubby had a t-shirt made up, it said “Unfortunately we live here” Made people give it a double take

    • We live in a tourist town too so understand. We have a seagull t-shirt too because they swoop down and steal chips and ice cream.


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