My 10 hopes for 2015

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but here’s a glimpse of the world I seek in 2015. Already, on the first day of the year, I saw daffodils springing up in the park and realised what potential is available to us all over the next 365 days.

Daffodils in January 2015

In the UK, we’re due an election in May 2015. It would be good to see (1) politicians from every political party and their supporters throwing away factional loyalties and baggage to address the country’s problems in a way that benefited the whole population, not just their own circles.

I would also like to see (2) reform of the civil service and public sector so that they are more responsive to the needs of the population as well as being more flexible and accountable. Move over, Sir Humphrey, you’re blocking progress.

And, for balance, how about (3) more responsibility from the private sector, especially large corporations? From paying an amount of tax that is fair while still enabling them to be competitive to paying reasonable bonuses to staff and treating customers with respect, there is a lot more some could do.

I think we could all benefit from a (4) clearer sense of perspective. What really matters? Is it the latest model of a mobile phone or the loneliness that so many people feel? Sometimes we realise the things we worry about are trivial when more important issues are considered.

And why do people seem to lose their tempers for no real reason these days? (5) More tolerance would be most welcome.

This also extends to (6) identity. We’re all individuals and have different likes/dislikes and that’s good. Is peer pressure to conform greater than it used to be? Sometimes I think not, but then I wonder if social media does put pressure on more people, especially the young.

Today, while walking our dog, I have spoken to a number of people I have never met before, which brought a smile to my face. (7) Taking the time to talk to people can have such a benefit, but often we’re in too much of a hurry and wrapped up in our own concerns to even notice anyone else.

And (8) courtesy is important too. Whether pausing to let someone past on a narrow pavement, letting another motorist pull out of a side road in front of us or just acknowledging someone with a greeting, small gestures mean so much to people. Usually they don’t cost us anything and take just a second or two.

I hope that all these add up to (9) make life more enjoyable and fun for everyone. At various times, we all have problems to deal with, from health to work and money, so why not make the most of opportunities to make life fun when we can?

Finally, I hope that I (10) commit sufficient energy and time to putting this all into practice myself where I can. I do believe that each of us can exert influence if we choose.

So there are my thoughts in brief. I know there could be a lot of discussion around them, but I wanted to get them down while I they were fresh in my mind at the start of the year.

How do you want the world to develop in the year ahead? Whatever your thoughts, I wish you a Happy New Year for 2015.

8 thoughts on “My 10 hopes for 2015”

  1. Rob

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts for the coming year – there is little I wouldn’t support and agree with. In a way, though, and perhaps it’s part of our human nature, we often try to do much and end up achieving little. You may have seen Mitch Joel and Chris Brogan write about the three words that they propose to adapt/adopt for 2015. Again, whilst I wouldn’t disagree with the thinking process, why don’t we hitch our wagons to, say, one thing, i.e. kindness, and all try our bit to be more respectful of others and they of us? OK, perhaps it’s not something that’s demonstrably going to add to GDP or the bottom line, but it sure would revolutionise our lives!

    Best wishes

    • Hello Julian. Many thanks for commenting. You’re spot on. It’s far too much for any one of us to attempt to change all or possibly even one of these things ourselves. This is purely my wishlist. I agree that focusing one thing is best and why I’m a great supporter of courtesy. Cheers! Robert

  2. Happy 2015, Robert. I will continue what I have done for the last years: be mindful of my surroundings, be kind and respectful to other people, try not to waste too many resources, be open to different views and opinions and stay out of trouble!


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