North Devon needs an MP who will stand up for it

The general election. We knew it was coming. I’m sure many people don’t want it, even though we need it. We needed it last year, but we have had to wait.

It’s a noisy election and on a national scale seems more unpleasant than other elections. It will be interesting to see how accurate the media and chatterers are about the outcome. I don’t think anyone can be sure.

What do I think? From a national perspective I believe we need a strong government that will have the guts to tackle some of the country’s problems as fairly as possible. Some of the decisions it will need to take will not be popular and there will be pain: we are in a mess and getting out of it will be hard work.

From a local point of view, I believe North Devon needs an MP who will represent everyone in the constituency and fight for the area. A desperate lack of investment in towns and infrastructure over decades needs correcting. Who will battle with their party, with Whitehall, with any of the establishment to achieve this?

That’s what I’ll ask any candidate who knocks on my door.

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