Please rest awhile and pass the time of day . . .

. . . as Peter Fairchild loved to.

We came across this brass plaque on a bench while out walking with our dogs this afternoon.

We hadn’t seen Peter for several years as he had gone into a nursing home. Before that he used to walk his dachshund, Chalkie, up Hillsborough in Ilfracombe to a spot near where this bench is to sit and look out over the town.

He seemed such a gentle man and would always enjoy a chat. Apparently, he had been a keen sailor when younger, but could no longer manage to climb to the top of the hill. On Sunday afternoons he would be joined by two of his friends on the bench. It’s fitting that he is remembered on this spot where on a summer evening his parting words would be: “Enjoy your tea.”

We remembered him at tea this evening and will do whenever we walk past his bench.

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