Take a walk and see a different view

It’s a strange thing, grief. Just when you think you’ve worked through a stage, it strikes again.

Fortunately, I’ve got some wonderful people to talk to and, of course, there’s the calming magic influence of dogs.

The past couple of days have been tough, but after a deep chat this morning, I decided my brain needed to go for a walk to reset itself. Accompanied by my four-pawed minder, I set off.

I started to see different views of walks I take regularly.

Through two trees I saw the East Wilder Brook from a completely new perspective, flowing down towards me from the distance:

Then we trotted down to the seafront and climbed Capstone Hill, looking over Ilfracombe.

Looking east over Ilfracombe from Capstone Hill

And there, set against the majesty of Hillsborough, was St Nicholas Chapel, the oldest working lighthouse in England.

St Nicholas Chapel. Ilfracombe, North Devon

We walked back up Fore Street, popping into several shops and chatting with the shopkeepers  – some of us getting fed dog biscuits – before heading back home.

This afternoon I got lots done.

I’m so glad we went for that walk.

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