Tidy your room!

In many ways I am not a tidy person. Even as a child my bedroom was untidy, although not quite as tidy as people seem to say children’s room are these days. Strangely, even though some people think I am a bit (or very) absent-minded, my head is quite ordered.

Anyway, due to personal and family circumstances, life has been somewhat disordered for the past couple of months and today I decided I would tidy up my desk and sort through everything that has accumulated during that time as well as those things which already needed sorting before that.

I wanted to see my long-lost friend, my desk again.

I started by adding a mark to the whiteboard on my wall every time I filed an item, shredded something or put something out for recycling. So it went I, then II, then III and IIII and finally IIII .

Before long my whiteboard was full of IIII  after IIII, the shredder was full and I could see my desk. I also completed a couple of forms and sent them off.

The relief at getting back in control was tremendous.

I am not a fan of filing, but I do like it when everything is in order . . . and when I can see my desk.

And I did still manage a couple of walk with our dog and we enjoyed a leisurely Sunday dinner with a glass of wine, so am ending the weekend feeling unexpectedly relaxed.

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