Weekend filth

Weekend filth | robertz @ robzlog.co.uk

No, I haven’t been watching the LinkedIn feed or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I’ve been cleaning out our shed gutter, emptying our fifth water butt and cleaning it out: old-fashioned husbandry which everyone used to complete to maintain their homes and gardens.

I do find it quite refreshing. The sludge in the gutter and butt is the accumulation of dust, plant and animal matter that is now on one of the vegetable beds and will be slowly incorporated into the soil over the winter as part of the seasonal growing dynamic.

I wonder whether this is more vital than ever at the present stage of human development where it seems more of life is lived online and more of the real world is abandoned, much to our great risk.

If I had to make a choice between the metaverse and filth, I would choose filth.

Worms rate as better all-round companions than empty avatars, and are definitely better for us, the environment and life.

This weekend I can take my gloves off and wash my hands when I come in from the garden. The coming week’s online contamination will not wash off so easily.

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