Relaxation in the kitchen

Catavelli with Italian Meat SauceI enjoy cooking and find it helps me relax a lot. I’ve been so busy this year that I haven’t spent much time cooking some of the more time-consuming meals I like to prepare.

I was determined to unwind this weekend and decided to try out a new recipe. I dug out a cookery book my Mum bought me just before I moved out of my parents’ home. Yes, it’s an antique. She was determined I wouldn’t move back and appropriated my bedroom immediately for her sewing and art materials.

Anyway, I flicked open the pages and found Catavelli, a type of pasta, with Italian Meat Sauce. Now this is a Good Housekeeping cookery book from 1988 and, while most of the recipes turn out fine and have become standards, I wonder just how Italian the recipe is.

I’ve never made pasta before, although do make pizza dough and bread, so thought I would give it a go.

ZabaglioneI made the dough for the Catavelli and then rolled it out into thin ‘ropes’. These were then sliced up and pressed with a finger to curl the sides. Yes, I did have clean hands. Meanwhile I made the meat sauce with beef, onion, garlic, tomatoes and herbs.

It all came together better than I expected and Mrs Z enjoyed it too. Next time I will make the ‘ropes’ thinner so the pieces of pasta are smaller.

Afterwards I whipped up zabaglione with egg yolks, sugar and Marsala. We don’t have this often as it is so rich, but we really enjoy it and followed it with coffee and a liqueur.

Following a long walk, cooking, eating, red wine, Cognac and coffee, I was completely relaxed after an enjoyable day and a tasty meal. It’s reminded me how much I enjoy cooking and the thrill of trying new recipes. I am going to do this more often.

Do you find relaxation through cookery?

14 thoughts on “Relaxation in the kitchen”

  1. I wouldn’t say I find the cooking relaxing – I enjoy having friends round to eat and finding different things to cook, but I’m never relaxed till I can hand over to hubby to make the coffee and I know the dishwasher will do the dishes!

  2. It relaxes me when my husband cooks the meal and cleans up 🙂 It has become a chore for me to cook, so I really appreciate when he is willing to cook!

  3. Awesome! Love that you find relaxation in cooking. Personally, I find relaxation in reading various cookbooks and deciding what meals I want to prepare or different dishes to try. However, the actual “cooking” part stresses me out! I’d rather just plan – and have someone else implement!



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