A beautiful seaside evening in Ilfracombe, North Devon

Sometimes it’s too easy to miss what we have now. This evening we wandered down to the seafront and enjoyed a pint of locally brewed Wizard Ales’ Old Combe at the Landmark Beer Festival. Then we walked to Maddy’s Restaurant for fish and chips. As we walked back in the twilight, the seafront took on a different kind of magic . . .

Ilfracombe promenade at twilight

It’s a time of it’s own, fleetingly breath-taking in beauty . . .

Ilfracombe seafront at twilight
Ilfracombe seafront at twilight

And as the sun sinks slowly below the horizon, you couldn’t wish for anything better.

Ilfracombe seafront sunset
Ilfracombe seafront as the sun sinks

PS More novel updates tomorrow.

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