A hidden jewel

Yesterday I was rehearsing for Oh, What a Lovely War! in the Landmark Theatre. The more I perform there, the more I realise what a wonderful theatre this is. A newcomer to the company was impressed with the facilities and agreed what a marvellous asset it is for Ilfracombe.

Yet many people dismiss the theatre because of its external appearance. I have to agree that the building’s exterior does not thrill me, but it’s really the facilities inside that really matter. We’re lucky as a small town to have a theatre like this and we should value it. It would be very easy for funding to be cut and it would not surprise me, although it would sadden me, if in a few years time we had to fight to keep the Landmark open.

If it did close, no doubt those people who grumble about it would grumble even more about the town and the lack of things to do.

Let’s be glad we’ve got the Landmark, a cracking theatre and a draw for visitors to North Devon.

In the meantime, we’re looking to see all these seats filled on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November.

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