Balmoral’s first 2008 pleasure cruise from Ilfracombe

What a glorious July day, just right for the first excursion of the pleasure steamer ‘Balmoral‘ from Ilfracombe.

There was quite a lot of activity out in the Bristol Channel: a grey warship . . .

robzlog Ilfracombe - the Balmoral passes a warship
The Balmoral passing a ship off Ilfracombe, Devon

. . . and a passing speedboat. There were also quite a few other boats in the harbour.

robzlog Ilfracombe - the Balmoral passes a speedboat
Speedboat passing Balmoral as she approaches Ilfracome quay, Devon

Eventually Balmoral docked to pick up passengers for its first cruise of the summer.

robzlog Ilfracombe - the Balmoral docking at the quay
Blamoral docks at Ilfracombe quay, Devon

They certainly picked a fine day.

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