Blowing my bottle top in Ilfracombe in an attempt to recycle

For some while Mike Turton’s butchers has been generously collecting plastic milk bottle tops from customers, which have then been collected by a recycling company. On the whole, we are able to recycle many things in Ilfracombe, either through council doorstep collection or at the nearby rubbish tip, sorry recycling centre.

However, today Mike Turton gave us the news that the recycling company that has been collecting the bottle tops he collected will no longer do this as it’s not worth their while.

Does anyone know of any other way of recycling this waste?

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  1. Update from North Devon Council. Bottle tops can be put out with recycling. Instructions are to flatten bottle completely so there’s no air in it and then either screw top on or push it inside bottle. (If air is in the bottle and the tops are screwed on, they fly off when recycled and can cause problems.)


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