Camille and Kennerly and their dual harp revolution

YouTube is a good place to discover new artists and among my favourites are Camille and Kennerly, the Harp Twins, who are driving their dual harp revolution.

Camille and Kennerly’s videos showcase their performances of a broad range of music interpreted by them on acoustic and electric harps. These vary from classic tunes to TV and film themes, classic rock and pop, and heavy metal. Not only are they talented composers, arrangers and performers, but they come across as very likeable in their videos, all of which feature well-chosen settings.

Here is their radical harp interpretation of Black Sabbath song Iron Man.

Visit Camille and Kennerly’s YouTube channel to explore more of their music, which you can also purchase by download and on CD.

9 thoughts on “Camille and Kennerly and their dual harp revolution”

  1. Very interesting… and amazing to hear acoustical harp this way. I listen a lot to acoustic cellos by Apocalyptica… and I can hear myself listing more to these twins, too


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