A sunflower appears with its hat on

Following an invitation from @stu_art_ist and @TweetsBySkeet, I have joined the @TwunFlowerComp on twitter.

What is is this? A competition to encourage people to grow sunflowers for fun . . . nothing more.

I’ve planted some sunflower seeds outside and some inside. Following a gardening tip, rather than buying peat plant plugs I put some compost into half a toilet roll inner with some newspaper to stop it falling out the bottom.

Today the first sunflower inside raised its head, although still with its seed ‘hat’ on.

The fun is starting.

If you want to join in, all you need is a packet of sunflower seeds, which you can plant inside or out and a digital camera so that you post photos.

As well as twitter, there is also a facebook Twunflowercomp page.

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “A sunflower appears with its hat on”

  1. Wow! love your sunflower with its hat! Mine first one is still bent over. I have got another one that has sprouted today. Not sure what I do next so any help welcome


  2. Your seedling looks very happy and healthy. long may that continue. Hoping the recent cold snap won’t have stunted the growth of my emerging giants or the vibrancy of the colour of the non yellow ones. It’s getting to the growth spurt season…. :o)


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