Toast before sherry

Toast before sherry | Robert Zarywacz

Most Sundays we enjoy a small glass of sherry before our main meal.

I didn’t used to like sherry, but started drinking it as my Mum liked a glass when she was cooking a roast and no one else did. Gradually, I started enjoying it myself.

This morning, I spied the decanter through the toast rack, but sherry is for this evening – cooked breakfast and toast – another Sunday treat – come first.

I try not to wish any day away.

This can be a challenge when so much of life is spent planning business in the future – events in March, May, June, September, October and December – and before you know it another year has passed.

And so we linger over Sunday breakfast and our evening sherry, and a mug of coffee and a biscuit most mornings – taking the time to stop and relish the day.

I enjoy being busy, but it is all too easy to be unconsciously busy – awareness of being here now and ceasing activity to slow time bring fulfilment.

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