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Ladybirds and bees busy on the blackcurrant bushes

This morning I spotted quite a few ladybirds on our two blackcurrant bushes.

Ladybird on blackcurrant bush

I hope they are feeding off any aphids and pests. I can see why they love the blackcurrant bushes as the flowers are wonderfully delicate.

Blackcurrant flowers

As well as the ladybirds, there were quite a few beed feeding off the flowers, although they would not keep still enough for me to get a photo so I just snapped the ladybirds.

Ladybird on blackcurrant bush

I did catch this bee feeding on the heather flowers.

Bee feeding on blackcurrant bush

And just had to snap the bluebells all coming into flower.

Bluebell flowers

There’s so much going on in the garden at this time of year.

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Who’s getting fruity in the garden?

I just wish I could slow time down at this point of the year. From April to June everything seems to grow so fast. The poppies have come and gone in a blink and our wild rose has almost finished flowering.

Now the flowers on the bushes are developing into flowers. The raspberries look good . . .

. . . and so do the blackcurrants . . .

As you can see, I’m a practical gardener and love plants that provide produce. The runner beans are starting to flower, although still have a way to grow up the wall, and the tomatoes are too.

So while it will be wonderful to eat the beans and tomatoes, and make jams and puddings, I don’t want the summer to pass by too fast.

I do enjoy flowers though and think the colour of these (haven’t a clue what they are ) is stunning . . .

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June flowers in our garden

It’s a wonderful time of year when so many plants start to flower . . .

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Cheered by vibrant summer poppies

The garden has been rather neglected in recent weeks due to business commitments and theatre productions, but luckily many plants look after themselves.

This summer our two red poppy plants promise a magnificent display. The original plant has over 10 heads starting to flower, while the second plant, which grew from a piece of root left when we moved the original plant, has about 20 heads.

The poppies always look so cheerful and the colours inside are as vibrant as those on the inside. They really make me feel that summer is here.

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