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My life’s essentials 6: home baking

My life's essentials: home baking

Why? Because the flavours are overwhelming.

And because I know what’s gone into it.

And because it’s been a big part of my life.

And because I find it a very relaxing activity.

And because I like eating it . . .

. . . and sharing it.

When I was young my Mum baked a delicious light fruitcake that we would scoff at Christmas and other holidays and it gave me pleasure to see her enjoying the fruitcakes I made for her when she could no longer bake.

I’m so lucky that my Mum was such a wonderful cook who taught us to cook and bake and that Mrs Z is an equally good cook. What are the chances of that?

Although we strayed into buying manufactured cakes for a while, I no longer eat these, finding them too ‘artificial’.

It remains a treat though to enjoy cake in a tea room or café where you know it is genuinely home made.

Nothing, though, beats the delight of taking home-baked cake or bread out of the oven and that moment when you cut and eat the first slice.

That’s a currant loaf I baked above. I’m afraid we’ve eaten it all.


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My life’s essentials 3: a good whipping

My life’s essentials 3: a good whippingWe used to have a number of different kitchen gadgets, but they spent most of the time gathering dust in cupboards. Some gadgets are useful, but their convenience is often minimised by the time spent cleaning them after use. Now we have very few gadgets.

I was reminded of this yesterday when wondering what to do with leftover double cream. I like clotted cream, but most other cream holds little attraction for me. Then I had the idea of whipping the cream and adding it to our dessert of baked bananas in Grand Marnier.

Out came the balloon whisk from the drawer and a good workout began whisking the cream until it was substantial. Yes, it takes some work but the trusty whisk invariably produces a smooth sauce or mixture of whatever I am preparing. It’s good exercise, uses no electricity and does not use horrible batteries, so it’s pretty environmentally friendly. And, what’s more, only takes a few seconds to wash up.

By the time the bananas were baked, I had also worked up an appetite and the cream was delicious.

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