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The evening light is magical . . .

. . . even after a couple of glasses of red wine or maybe even because of them.

I can’t get enough of these long, light evenings . . .

. . . and we need to treasure them when it’s cold, wet and stormy and we think we haven’t had a summer, because we’re having it now.

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Ilfracombe Victorian Celebration programme launched at Jack-in-the-Green celebrations

While Ilfracombe may give the impression that nothing much happens over winter, in reality there’s a lot going on, especially preparation for the year ahead.

This weekend the Landmark Beer Festival is in full swing and on Monday 4th May, the Jack-in-the-Green celebration takes place with children dancing round the Maypole, morris dancing, music and, of course, Jack-in-the-Green himself welcoming summer.

In addition, Ilfracombe Victorian Celebration launches its 24-page colour 2009 programme packed with over 50 Victorian-themed events from 6th to 14th June 2009. Committee members in Victorian dress will be distributing copies and they will also be available through local outlets in the run-up to and during the week-long celebration.

You can download a PDF version of the programme (2.8 Mb) or view details of all events on the online events diary at the Ilfracombe Victorian Celebration web site.

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Summer sunset, twilight and night in Ilfracombe

A magical time, the evening . . .

robzlog Ilfracombe - sunset over the Tors

The Torrs blazing at sunset in Ilfracombe, Devon

. . . when the sun blazes as it sinks behind the Tors into the sea . . .

robzlog Ilfracombe - sunset over the Tors

A fiery sunset in Ilfracombe, Devon

. . . and on the seafront, the lights illuminate Capstone Hill . . .

robzlog Ilfracombe - Capstone Hill at night

Capstone Hill, Ilfracombe in summer twilight

. . . nothing else matters in the magic of light and dark.

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