My three words for 2018: nibble – rest – clear 

Three words for 2018: nibble – rest – clear | robertz
In 2016 I chose three words to focus on, following a suggestion by Chris Brogan, and I repeated this in 2017, when I chose: face, laugh and breathe. So how did I do?

  • Face – Concerned at the growing polarisation of views on many issues, with so more people hiding behind flags, icons and groups, I made a conscious effort to be me and develop my own beliefs, not borrow ready-made ones. It is tough not taking sides, but I believe working together is more important than taking sides and fighting each other.
  • Laugh – Again, there are times when I wonder how anyone in this world can laugh, but it keeps me sane. I played some comedy roles in theatre this year and need to laugh more.
  • Breathe – I have let go of more this year, resigned from certain roles and taken care of myself more, including starting my History MA to give me more ‘oxygen’.

2018: nibble – rest – clear

Why I have chosen these three words for 2018?


Sometimes starting big projects in a rush of enthusiasm is a recipe for failure. I have come to realise that regularly taking small steps establishes steady progress, which is clear to see and motivates me to persist. I am working on a number of projects, some of them taking several years, and I am nibbling away at them day by day so that I am not overwhelmed by their magnitude and I do complete them.


In our 24/7 world, when is there time to rest? It is clear why Sunday used to be a day of rest, because we all need it. I enjoy intense activity, but have also come to understand that I need to rest, refresh and restore my energy for further activity. Rest is essential and is built into my schedule.


I want to think clearly. I want to open my mind and not have it cluttered with borrowed ‘isms’ and ideologies. It can be less tiring and more convenient to fall in with a group and follow its thinking, but I’ve never been a follower. I hope this will help me to learn more, live better and act more responsibly.

Here we go . . .

I’m starting with these now. Do you have a focus for the year ahead?

Good luck, if you do, and Happy New Year to all!

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  1. That’s a really good idea. I will try it myself. History MA sounds interesting – do you study a particular era or country?


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