One and one is one

There is often more than one way to view anything.

I could say that last weekend was wasted on work as I had to bring my business accounts up to date so I could file my value added tax (VAT) return.

Or I could say that we spent a relaxing weekend by the sea: on Friday night we walked our dog for four miles on a sandy beach before enjoying chips and local ice cream on the seafront at Woolacombe, on Saturday we paddled in the sea opposite Ilfracombe harbour, while on Sunday we strolled down a shaded valley on Exmoor, spotting butterflies and wild birds as we walked down to the secluded beach at Heddon’s Mouth.

Different aspects of life are always colliding. Especially when you run your own business, a statutory obligation can overrun your desire to have a weekend doing only what you want, but it doesn’t have to stop you enjoying life.

I chose to live by the sea.

It can be difficult because we are some 200 miles from London and being remote makes me work harder to gain business.

It is wonderful because instead of commuting on the Tube, I can paddle in the sea, walk our dog, work or just enjoy the two to three dead hours that decades ago I would have wasted on commuting.

They are all my life.

One aspect balances another: the pain from illness and loss in my family, which is natural and unavoidable, is relieved by the joy and wonder of people to whom I am close, dogs we have been so lucky to have with us and the breath-taking beauty of our environment.

I probably won’t remember doing my VAT return, which took up the bulk of my weekend, but I will remember walking along the sandy beach, paddling in the sea and the secluded valley.

Thank goodness for all the aspects of life.

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