One and one is one

There is often more than one way to view anything. I could say that last weekend was wasted on work as I had to bring my business accounts up to date so I could file my value added tax (VAT) return. Or I could say that we spent a relaxing weekend by the sea: on Friday night we … Read more

Life’s not always frothy

Like most people, I can be happy, reflective or even depressed according to what’s happening in my life at any time. Over the past 10 to 15 years, I’ve found what’s most important to me is spending time with family and friends, our dogs and being in the countryside. But however contented you feel, life … Read more

Thank you to all those who helped in 2011 . . .

. . . especially in the following activities: COMBEbusiness After standing up and speaking at a public meeting, I was elected to the committee and then voted chairman of a new business group in North Devon. Thanks to my fellow directors and support from members, COMBEbusiness has established itself to promote business around the Ilfracombe, … Read more