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Some people who know me wouldn’t necessarily describe me as the tidiest person in the world. Being tidy is not my first aim in life, but I do appreciate that a certain amount of organisation is necessary when trying to achieve a number of ambitious aims.

Apart from my commitment to publishing daily instalments of Candyfloss & Pickles here, I am also appearing in stage shows as well as writing sketches and material for performance. Then there’s family life, dogs, oh, and business.

The year ahead is going to be a challenge for everyone, so as the gales wail outside our house I have been tidying up, organising myself mentally, physically and electronically, and keeping an eye on my fitness.

Now I’m not a sports or fitness fanatic and consider going to the gym a waste of time that could be spent far more productively. As well as walking our dogs, I’ve just started the 5BX programme originally created for the Royal Canadian Air Force. This appeals to me because it needs no equipment and just requires 11 minutes of exercise each day at your own pace.

So with Clare EvansTime Management for Dummies book organising my business and creative life, the 5BX programme keeping me fit and our dogs keeping me sane, I believe I’m prepared as I can be for what the near future can throw at me.

Scary, eh? I mean, being so prepared.

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