Better business representation and support for businesses in Ilfracombe and Barnstaple

North Devon is a beautiful place in which to live and run a business, but it’s not always so easy to do the latter.

There are a number of initiatives under way to help businesses in Ilfracombe.

Ilfracombe Business Forum

After two public meetings, moves are under way to establish the Ilfracombe Business Forum to provide the town’s businesses with a voice.

Why is this important?

Well, at the moment, when a council or other agency makes a decision, there is no often no representation from the town’s businesses to express their views. A forum would enable businesses to voice both their concerns and requirements. Also, with public sector cutbacks, future developments in the town will have to be driven by business.

A further meeting is being scheduled for January 2011, but I have volunteered to help get details of as many businesses as possible so all can be invited to the meeting to decide how the forum should be constituted and what should be its aims.

If you would like to be involved or kept informed, please send me your email address at You details will be forwarded to Transform, who are coordinating the process, although the Ilfracombe Business Forum is attended to run itself once established.

Workhubs research

North Devon+ is currently funding research into whether Ilfracombe needs a workhub. A workhub would provide office facilities, support services and other help to home-based business and new and other businesses.

Again, this research requires as many businesses as possible to participate, so please visit and complete the survey. (Devon Council County is funding research into Barnstaple and is asking businesses there to participate too.)

Participating in both programmes could help us move to building a stronger economy in Ilfracombe and North Devon.

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