Life’s not always frothy

Life's not always frothy | robzlogLike most people, I can be happy, reflective or even depressed according to what’s happening in my life at any time.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, I’ve found what’s most important to me is spending time with family and friends, our dogs and being in the countryside.

But however contented you feel, life occasionally throws you a thunderbolt out of the blue. This August a close relative was admitted to hospital, we lost both our dogs and a tremendous volunteer friend died, all within several weeks.

Now one of these would be tough to deal with, but all three together meant that wherever we turned there was pain and often a great sense of loss. I think it’s especially tough when you run your own business and lead community organisations. Access to what sometimes appears an unlimited nuclear core of energy and motivation suddenly closes off. It becomes difficult to achieve even the simplest task.

To me, this is something that has to be worked through: it’s life. That doesn’t make it much easier. There have been times when I’ve just not what wanted to do anything.

What has helped has been people and dogs. Both people we meet in the course of our daily lives, even passers-by in the street, and dogs we have got to know over the years have been a great comfort. And now we have a new puppy too.

So we are grateful that my relative is now recovering at home and we are able to think about those we have lost in terms of the joy they brought us in life. Motivation and energy are returning.

The froth of summer disappeared suddenly and life turned dull for a while, but now the bubbles are forming again slowly.

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