Saying goodbye to the inspiration from John Prescott that failed to launch me as an international artist

The news that the M4 bus lane, so closely associated with John Prescott, is to be scrapped reminded me of a painting which it had inspired me to ‘create’. This was back at the turn of the millennium when I wondered whether I would be capable of producing anything with paint, brush and paper that could in any way interesting or entertaining.

With no training whatsoever but with the images of traffic on the M4, North Circular Road and M25 imprinted on my mind, the bus lane leapt out of my brain, down my arm and into the brush. Whether it managed to make the final step on to the paper, who knows?

I sort of like the result and so do some members of my family, but dreams of multi-million pound auction picture sales faded and my paints and brushes now lie gathering dust.

I did enjoy doing it and it reminds of long, afternoon art lessons at school when it was usually raining as we listened to art teachers who were interesting and eccentric. Perhaps I should get paint and brushes out again and just dabble for fun.

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