What matters to the great and the good?

Do the words we use really matter? Is it sufficient to utter a rough approximation of what we mean?

Maybe it’s because I’m getting grumpier as I get older that I think about this.

Two of the words I think about at the moment are ‘great’ and ‘ good’. Both words can be used to express a number of different meanings. I’ve been thinking about them in the context of wishing someone ‘a great/good day’. To me great suggests size and stature, whereas I think of good more as beneficial and kind. Perhaps it’s a response to some of the terrible events in the world – disasters, wars, murders, crimes – that I want to focus more on good.

Throughout history there have been great people who are not considered good: great can signify magnificence that is good or not.

So, for that reason, I find myself deliberately wishing people a good day or weekend, rather than a great one.

Good day to you!


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