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A superb steak at The Lamb, Ilfracombe

The Lamb has recently reopened as a steak house restaurant, so as it is just a couple of minutes’ walk away in Ilfracombe High Street, Mrs Z and I thought we would pop along for a meal. On the evening we visited, the restaurant was full (always a good sign) so we opted to sit downstairs in the bar with a G&T and a pint of Old Appledore.

Along with the main menu, there was a wide range of specials with a number of fresh fish dishes. If I hadn’t set my mind on a steak, I would have been hard pressed to choose.

Mrs Z selected mackerel with salad and potato salad as a starter and I opted for mushrooms in garlic and brandy, served with a hunk of bread and salad. Both dishes were delicious and well presented: I sneaked a taste of the mackerel and made a note to order it next time.


For our main courses we chose Lamb Wellington and ribeye steak. Mrs Z’s lamb was wrapped in pastry and served with mashed potato and vegetables and looked very appetising, while my medium rare steak was succulent, tender and served with onions rings, tomato, chips and salad. It was so good that I tucked in before remembering to take a photo.


Mrs Z was tempted by creme brûlée for dessert, which she said was delicious, and we both finished with coffees.

The atmosphere at the Lamb was very welcoming and the service from Tom, who is also landlord of the Wellington, and his staff was attentive while enabling us to enjoy a relaxed evening out.

We both enjoyed superb meals and want to go back to the Lamb soon and sample more dishes from the menu. The Lamb is a very welcome addition to Ilfracombe’s selection of fine restaurants.

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Home-made fish cakes and chips with pickled onions

Not something that we eat every day, but a wonderful occasional treat, especially when you can buy fresh cod or other white white fish and local potatoes (which have never seen the inside of a supermarket warehouse or articulated lorry). We buy Braunton potatoes, grown within 10 miles of Ilfracombe, from Norman’s independent greengrocer in Ilfracombe High Street.

Home-made fish cakes and chips with pickled onions

Home-made fish cakes and chips with pickled onions

So simple to make too: mix the cooked white fish and mashed potato, adding salt, pepper and a few parsley leaves, then mould into a long roll. Slice the fish cakes, dip in beaten egg and coat with home-made breadcrumbs. We use the end slices of a loaf from our baker’s, The Pantry in Ilfracombe High Street, bake them in the oven and grind in a blender. 

The chips are also made from local potatoes, peeled and chopped thick.

Deep fry the fish cakes very hot for five minutes or until ready, then keep warm in the oven, while frying the chips for 15-20 minutes.

The fish cakes are deliciously light and fluffy inside and crisp on the outside. I eat mine with home-made pickled onions, but choose whatever accompaniment you prefer.

We chose a fruity Regatta from Stanlake Park, so refreshingly free of the chemical after-taste (and headaches) of mass produced wines, as the perfect white wine on this occasion.

A potentially dangerous meal if eaten too often and if you’re not careful when deep frying, but lovely to enjoy as a treat with common sense and an otherwise healthy diet.

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