Garden growth in 2011

Events conspired to keep me out of the garden for much of 2010, although early preparation did lead to a bumper crop of tomatoes, runner beans, apples and blackcurrants.

A review of the garden after the snow and ice reminds me there’s a lot to be done.

I am also surprised at how advanced the hydrangeas are already; their buds are quite big and I hope they don’t think that because the December snow and ice have gone that spring is just round the corner.

Hydrangea budding in Ilfracombe, North Devon in January 2011

The camellias do not seem to have so many buds, but it’s early yet.

Camellia budding in Ilfracombe, North Devon in January 2011

One of the apple trees should have been pruned back in the autumn and, while I’ve given it a quick trim, I think I’ll wait until later in the year as there is a lot of winter left to get through.

So the main focus for 2011 in our garden is to get back on track.

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