A second chance?

How often do we make mistakes and think we have blown any chance of having a second chance?

Several years ago I was driving along a country lane when a squirrel ran out into the road. Now I know all creatures take their chances in the wild, but I hate the idea of anything being killed on the roads. I slowed right down and the squirrel moved out of the way and ran across to the other side of the road.

Relieved, I continued slowly, only for the squirrel to suddenly turn round and dart back out into the road again and under my front wheel.

I was shocked and felt even worse because it was Christmas Day, but there was nothing I could do for it.

Yesterday, I drove along the same road for the first time since that day and once again a squirrel ran out into the carriageway. Once again, I slowed right down, making doubly sure the squirrel had got to the side of the road and had disappeared into the hedgerow before I advanced across the path it had taken.

I experienced a tremendous feeling of having been given a second chance. While I could do nothing to bring back the first squirrel, I had learnt to take into account a possible change of mind by the second one.

It made me wonder if there were other areas of life where I have given up too easily and should try again.

Should we look for more second chances to benefit from what we learn from failed first attempts?

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