It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred

It’s a big place: the internet.

Especially when you’re not the noisiest of people.

And there is a lot of noise on the internet.

Many internet users lurk, staying in the background reading and viewing content, but never actually saying anything themselves or commenting. I suppose it’s because, as in real life, loud people can intimidate quieter ones and some people don’t have the confidence to speak.

I’m quiet, but I’m also confident to speak when I want to. Also, I don’t want to waste my time or energy on the petty squabbles that we see grow into massive, pointless online arguments. I’m a doer, rather than a talker and much prefer action to meetings and discussions.

There are a a few places where I feel at home in an online community and one of those is Empire.Kred.

What’s that?

Empire.Kred is an online stock exchange where we are the stock and our price and dividends increase in response to social media and other online activity. Yes, it’s a game. But it’s also a lot more.

I don’t play online that much. A bit of Scrabble is my limit and, oh, I used to play FarmVille on Facebook until I went away and all my crops wilted and I realised what a drain on time it was, especially as I had my own crops in the garden to nurture.

The thing about Empire.Kred and why I use it is that I’ve connected with a lot of lovely, interesting and supportive people there, grown all my social networks by thousands and use it to increase engagement with my content on my blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. And it’s fun.

Instead of nurturing virtual plants, I’m nurturing relationships with real people, as well as Fenya the dog, a canine player.

I connect with people on Empire.Kred through Twitter, Facebook (personal profile and pages), Google+, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, my blogs and Kred itself.

So, if you fancy growing your networks, connecting with interesting, supportive people and having some fun on a fictitious stock market, connect with me on Empire.Kred at (e)ROBERTZ.

6 thoughts on “It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred”

  1. Wow! Great post with a pleasing feel and engaging message. Really enjoyed it. Congratulations, Robert! You’re being the, “bestofus,” for the,”restofus.” 🙂 Much love, Fondly, Robin


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