Rest for the year

Rest. For the rest of the year, rest. 

It’s important.

In this winter scene, all appears at rest. The shops and cafés are closed, the boats have been lifted out of the harbour for safety, the trees have withdrawn and shed their leaves.

But there’s a lot going on.

How many of the business owners are preparing their tax returns before the January deadline? How many others are simply having a rest after 7-day-a-week working through many months of the year? The boats are being serviced and maintained. And the trees are preparing for the longer, warmer days when they return to life.

And in the spring, all will be restored.

Rest is vital for energy. More so when we are busy or very busy.

And I think many of us will be very busy in 2021.

And we will need to rest to conserve and restore our energy.

A lunchtime stroll to keep us alert and focused in the afternoon. A good night’s sleep for a productive morning to follow. Time off at the weekend for an accelerated start on Monday morning.

Or we can work all hours and achieve little.

It can be difficult to stop when we need to do so much, but rest will help us get more done.

Rest more, achieve more.

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