Stop and see new life

I’ve got so much to do over the next few days that I don’t have much time, but before rushing to my office this morning I remembered the seeds I had planted.

I had to take a look.

Sure enough, the runner bean and tomato seedlings are sprouting.

What a wonderful feeling.

What makes it even more special for me is that I have family members and friends who are ageing or not in good health at the moment.

It is a sad knowing that there will be farewells soon. Sometimes it can feel that life is grim, but these tiny seedlings put it in perspective.

We are all young once, full of vitality, stretching up in search of light and energy. We live our lives and, hopefully, are able to enjoy our time as much as possible.

The seedlings stopped me and reminded me of this.

I’ll get my work done today, but I won’t feel so frantic.

• By Robert Zarywacz

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