Tender to develop a proposal to improve Ilfracombe seafront

North Devon Council is tendering for a company to develop a proposal to improve Ilfracombe seafront. See North Devon Council news item and tender advert in Arts Industry for details. Tender deadline 30th January 2009.

Coincidentally, we organised some fund-raising car boot sales along the seafront last year. Everyone loved it – sellers, buyers, locals and holiday-makers – because it provided a focus. From my observations, I concluded that the seafront needs a covered shelter where the old pavilion used to be. This would provide shelter from the wind, which comes straight off the sea, as well as creating a covered space for craft stalls, entertainers, musicians and a café. The area desperately needs dedicated public toilets – people are always asking where the nearest ones are – in the Landmark Theatre, if it’s open, or on the Quay, which is 10 minutes or so walk. I’ll happily take the £80K offered to develop this proposal.

Seriously, Ilfracombe needs companies with imagination to handle this. The natural beauty of the seafront is astounding and needs imaginative and sympathetic management.

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